Oct 27, 2011

weird rabbits

I took these photos at a construction site near my house. In recent days, we occasionally find these kinds of things on roads or at construction sites. I know another version that is a yellow-colored duck. If I have a chance to take photo of "the duck", I will show it on this blog.

I don't know why this equipment has animal-look appearance.


Unknown said...

A lot of people who visit me from overseas ask why they have such "different" things at construction sites. I think they probably cost a lot of money, but make children smile!

bikenglish said...
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bikenglish said...


Thank you for posting your comment on my blog. I am glad to see your voice because it took several months since your last comment.

I am going to climb the mountain near your house in near future.

ジョン said...

I would assume they just want to make their equipment a bit less unattractive. That ... is pretty cute.