Jun 17, 2013

Boba "Tapioca-juice"

Last Saturday, I have learned that Boba Cafes has become popular in the United States, especially South California through the VOA Special English program. In Japan, people call drinks including boba "Tapioca juice".

I like the Tapioca juice served by "Tea Way" in Kokura station.

I am interested in the story that Asian-American have created a unique culture in the United States, but I feel something different from Japanese in them.

Jun 8, 2013

Vodka-based "Ume-shu" again

This year, I have tried to make vodka-based "Ume-shu"(梅酒) again. Because last year's "Ume-shu" was very good.

Last Sunday, I purchased three bottles of vodka at the "Costco" that has opened this spring in our area. I could get vodka there at relatively low price.