Jun 29, 2011


Last Saturday, I had a dinner at a sushi-restaurant named "Sushiro"(スシロー) with my family to celebrate my son's 18 year's birthday. It was the first time for us to eat at the restaurant. We were surprised with several devices to save money there. For example, we could order a sushi by using this touch-panel without calling a clerks.

I was satisfied with the "sushi" served at "Sushiro" because it cost less than I expected.

Jun 27, 2011

VOA Special English News 20

An international diamond advisory group is in disagreement over a decision to let Zimbabwe sell diamonds from its Marange field. The Kimberley Process seeks to prevent what are known as "conflict diamonds" from entering the market. Sale of diamonds from Marange field was announced after meeting this week in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All members of Kimberley Process must agree on any decision. But, western nations and white groups opposed the sale of Marange diamond. They say there are still human rights abuses at the field.


Jun 21, 2011

VOA Special English News 19

Iranian goverment operated media reported that Iran has launched its second satellite built in the nation. Iran's arabic language Al-Alam television reported the launch and orbit of the satellite. It says the satellite known as Rassad-1, or Observation will be used for taking images and to predict the weather. In February 2009, Iran launched its first space craft a communication satellite known as Omid, Hope.


Jun 18, 2011

VOA Special English News 18

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said his country's future will depend on two things. They are its ability to sell off government-controlled companies and reduce the power of Russia's central government. Mr. Medvedev said the country has to reform, whether or not he is elected president in the elections next year. He said his personal choice for Russia is to speed up the sale of state companies, cut the number of government employees and join the World Trade Organization. President Medvedev spoke to political and business leaders at gathering in the city of Saint Petersburg.


Jun 16, 2011

frogs chorus

There is a rice paddy next to my house, and it has been filled with water to grow rice. And, in this season, we can hear the frogs croaking loudly every night. But, I do not think it is noisy, I can even enjoy it.

Jun 13, 2011

VOA Special English News 17

A large fire in the Southwestern American state of Arizona has caused almost ten thousand people to flee their homes. The fire has now entered the state of New Mexico. Six percent of the fire is now under control. None of the fire was controlled early Thursday. Lighter winds helped firefighters as they are preparing for stronger winds late Saturday. More than one thousand five hundred square kilometers has burned since the fire began several weeks ago. It is the second largest fire in Arizona's history.


Jun 2, 2011

Carmen, Toreador song

My son is playing a tuba in his school's wind orchestra. This is his solo performance at his club's solo concert held on May 3. You can find a crash of a chair falling on the floor during the music. It is not an accident, he kicked a chair as a part of his performance to appeal to the audience.