Aug 29, 2012

"o-o-kami kodomo no ame to yuki"

Today, I took a paid holiday and watched an animation movie named "o-o-kami kodono no ame to yuki"(おおかみこどもの雨と雪) with my daughter.

It was good, but a beautiful song by Ann Sally in the last scene more impressed me than the movie itself. I looked for the song in youtube, but I could not find Ann Sally's original one. This is sung by a non-professional singer.

Though this process, I came across a singer who is of mixed Japanese and New Zealander's extraction and  sings a lot of Japanese song. "Okaa-san no uta" by her is here.

Aug 27, 2012

Territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea continue

A territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea continued Thursday. In the latest development, the South Korean government said it plans to return a protest letter by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. The Japanese leader sent the letter to protest South Korean President Lee Myon-bak's recent visit to a group of rocky islands controlled by South Korea. However the islands are claimed by both countries. South Korea said it is returning the letter because it contains misinformation about the islands. The letter also expressed  regret at the President Lee's recent comments that Japanese Emperor Akihito should apologize for his country's colonial rule of Korea.

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Aug 25, 2012

Japanese journalist was killed in Syria

In Syria, a Japanese reporter traveling with the rebels was killed when she was caught in a gunfight between rebel and government forces in Aleppo. Two Alhurra TV reporters who were with her are missing. Mika Yamamoto worked for the Tokyo-based Japan Press. The driver who brought reporters into Syria Monday said the Japanese reporter was hit by a bullet but a second Japanese reporter climbed over a wall to safety. Driver says an Alhurra reporter was shot in the shoulder and was taken away by Syrian militia men along with his cameraman.     

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朝日新聞 2012年8月22日(水)朝刊

Aug 20, 2012

Japanese activists land on disputed islands sparking protests

Japanese nationalists have landed on a disputed island in the East China Sea and placed a Japanese flag there. 10 activists swam ashore on Sunday. In answer to the landing, thousand of anti-Japan protesters in several Chinese cities turned over Japanese cars and denounced Japan's claims to the islands. China has condemned the landing. Two days earlier, Japan deported a group of Chinese who had  traveled  to one of the islands, raised a Chinese flag and sang China's national song.
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朝日新聞 2012年8月20日(月)朝刊

Aug 18, 2012

Japan is considering what to do with 14 Chinese acitvists

Japan is consdrering what to do with 14 Chinese activists who were arrested after landing on a disputed island Wednesday in the East China Sea. They placed a Chinese flag in the ground and sung the Chinese national song before being arresetd and accused violating immigration laws. The action made tense realation between the two countries even more difficult. Japan is sending the acitivists to Okinawa for questioning and is reportedly considering whether to deport the  acitivists. China has officially protested the arrest and demanded the release of the acitivists.The islands are gas-rich and are surrounded by valuable fishing grounds.

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Aug 16, 2012

Japan holds talks with North Korea this month

Japan says it will holds talks with North Korea this month. The talks will be the first in four years for the two Asian nations. The announcement Tuesday came nearly eight month after the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took power following the death of his father Kim Jong Il. Japanese government says the talks are to be held in Beijing, China on August 29. The relationship between the two Asian neighbor has been tense. North Korea has admitted to kidnapping 13 Japanese nationals in the 1970s and 1980s. Japan suspects that North Korea is still hiding survivors. North Korea says the  issues was resolved with the release of five of the kidnapped Japanese.

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Aug 13, 2012

Japan withdraws it ambassador in South Korea to protest Lee's visit to islands

Japan is withdrawing its ambassador to South Korea to protest a visit by South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak to islands claimed by both nations. Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba said Friday that Mr. Lee's visit was unacceptable and would  have a lasting effect on the relation between two nations. Mr. Lee became the first South Korean President to ever visit the islands on Friday. South Korean officials said the visit was not meant to create problems.

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My thought/opinion on this news
This conflict between two nations is far away from ordinary people's feeling, I think. Because in Japan, a lot of South Korean entertainers have become popular now, two country's people are not likely to be conscious of border between them.  
Recent days, several conflicts on national border around Japan have happened. I am a little bit worried that the situation might be worse.
朝日新聞 2012年8月11日(土)朝刊
朝日新聞 2012年8月11日(土)朝刊

Aug 5, 2012

"Te to Te" by Ann Sally

I had come across this song when I was listening to radio several days ago. I have known the name of the singer, "Ann Sally", but I have never heard this song. I think, this music is a good example that tells beautiful sound of Japanese language to you. And her voice is very good..

Aug 2, 2012

Prosecutor in Colorado are considering death penalty

A court in Colorado has charged James Holmes with multiple counts of murder and other crimes linked to a shooting attack July 20. 20 people were killed in the movie theater attack including a six-year-old girl. 58 others were wounded. Prosecutor say they are considering whether to seek death penalty in the case. Police say Mr. Holmes threw a tear gas bomb in the theater before beginning to shoot at the victims. He has refused to talk to the  police.

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