Jul 31, 2011

VOA Special English News 30

A strong earthquake struck in northeastern Japan early Sunday. The 6.4 earthquake hit in the same area that was heavily damaged by a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami earlier this year. The United States Geological Survey says the center of the earthquake was 43 kilometers under the Pacific Ocean near the east coast of Japan's Honshu island. That is 185 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. There were no reports of injuries and damage from the quake and no tsunami warning was released. More than 20 thousand people were killed or are still missing after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that followed. And 80 thousand people have been forced out of their homes because of the radiation threat from Fukushima Daiichi Nucear Power Center.


Jul 27, 2011

VOA Special English News 29

Human beings seem to be the only primate species whose brains get smaller as they get older. Scientists at George Washington University in Washington D.C. compared human brains with chimpanzee brains. Chimpanzees are the closest animal relative to humans. By age 80, the average human brain had lost 15 percent of its earlier weight. However, the chimpanzee's brains did not get smaller. Study organizers say the human brain might get smaller because it uses a very large amount of energy. Over time, they say, it can no longer work at same level.


*I have translated "Over time" into "時間の経過とともに", but I don't know it is a good translation. I am waiting for your suggestion.

Jul 26, 2011

VOA Special English News 28

The United Nation says a "massive" action is needed to save millions of people in parts of the east Africa from starvation. The UN also said it plans to airlift food aid to Somali capital Mogadishu, eastern Ethiopia and northern Kenya on Tuesday. The UN World Food Program held an emergency meeting Monday in Rome. Chief Jacques Diouf says the situation in the Horn of Africa was catastrophic with the driest conditions in 60 years. The World Food Program is seeking more than one billion six hundred million dollars in aid to help more than 11 million people. Getting aid to the southern Somalia is difficult. The militant group al-Shabab controls the area. They have threatened some aid groups and denied there is a famine.

original news

国連は、東アフリカの数百万の人達を飢饉から救うため、大胆な行動が必要であると言っている。また国連は、火曜日、ソマリアの首都、モガディシュ、エチオピア東部、ケニア北部に食糧援助を空輸する計画があると言っている。国連世界食糧計画は、月曜日、ローマで緊急会議を開いた。ジェィクス・ディォフ チーフは、「アフリカの角」の状態は、60年ぶりの干ばつで崩壊的であると言っている。世界食糧計画は、1千100万人以上の人を救うために、16億ドル以上の援助を求めている。南部ソマリアでは、援助を得ることが困難である。武装グループ、アル・シャバブがその地域をコントロールしている。彼らは、援助グルーブを脅し、また飢餓はないと言っている。

Jul 24, 2011

VOA Special English News 27

Americans are experiencing extremely hot weather. The National Weather Service released heat warnings for parts of the eastern and central United States Friday. The warnings say the temperature could reach as high as 39 degrees Celsius and may feel like 46 degrees Celsius. Health officials say 6 people have already died as a result of severe heat. They warned Americans to avoid working outside during the middle of the day and check on the neighbors and family members. In Washington, a Code Red was issued to warn people of bad air quality because of the heat. In New York, the main power company predicted it might break its historical record for electricity use as people used devices to cool down.


Jul 19, 2011

VOA Special English News 26

Police in London say British reporter Sean Hoare has been found dead. Britain's Press Association news agency says police do not think there was anything strange about the death. Mr. Hoare was the first person to say that the News of the World newspaper secretly listened to telephone messages of famous people, politicians and even crime victims. The phone hacking crisis caused News Corporation to close the newspaper.


Jul 16, 2011

VOA Special English News 25

Two news studies showed that drugs used to treat people with HIV may also prevent people from being infected. The studies found taking HIV medication daily reduces the risk of infection in people who are not homosexual. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention led one study. It involved more than one thousand two hundred uninfected men and women in Botswana. The study found that the drug reduced the risk of infection by 78 percent among those taking the drug daily. The University of Washington led the second study. It involved couples in Kenya and Uganda. The researcher found the drug reduced the risk of HIV infection by 62 to 73 percent.


Jul 14, 2011

Announcement in a Train



Jul 12, 2011

VOA Special English News 24

President Obama will meet Tuesday at the White House with congressional leaders. Two sides were unable on Monday to reach an agreement to raise the legal debt limit. Before the meetings Monday, President Obama said it was time to set aside politics and make a deal. If no agreement is reached by August 2, the United States would not be able to pay its debts for the first time in its history. The speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, said a budget deal cannot pass the House unless it rejects tax increases and cuts spending. The president's Democratic party opposes cuts in social programs for the poor and older adults. It also wants to raise taxes on wealthy Americans.


I have translated the underlined sentence into this Japanese sentence, but I am not confident that it is a good translation.

Jul 10, 2011

VOA Special English News 23

Iran announced Wednesday that it had successfully tested several anti-ship missiles at sea. Firings were part of the military exercise that began last week. State news reports say the country's Revolutionary Guard fired two missiles that can hit targets up to 300 kilometers away. A third land-to-sea missile can reach up to 200 kilometers. The United States and other western nations suspect Iran is planning to build nuclear warheads for its missiles. Iran says its missiles are not nuclear and are designed to protect the nation.


Jul 9, 2011

Kokura Gion Daiko

Last Friday, I recorded this sound, Kokura Gion Daiko (小倉祇園太鼓) in Kokura after work.
So the festival has been held in this season every year. These pictures are downloaded from the web.

Jul 4, 2011

VOA Special English News 22

Hong Kong police say they arrested 228 people during an anti-government demonstration Friday. The demonstration marked the 14th anniversary since Britain handed over rule of Hong-Kong to China. Protesters were attempting to pressure the government into withdrawing a disputed bill that would cancel a planned election. The Hong Kong government want to appoint Legislative Council members based on earlier election results.


Jul 2, 2011

VOA Special English News 21

Britain and China announced new trade agreements Monday. The deals are worth more than two billion dollars. Chinese Premiere Wen Jiabo and British prime minister David Cameron spoke to reporters in London after the signing. Both expressed hope for increasing trade between their countries to one hundred billion dollars by 2014. But two leaders also expressed differences about human rights and Livia. Chinese premier Wen Jiabo is now in Germany, the final stop of his European trip. Chancellor Angela Merkel is holding a dinner in Berlin in honor of Mr. Jiabo.