Jun 27, 2010

civilian control

I have often come across the word, "civilian control" (シビリアンコントロール)in Japanese newspapers, but I have never listened to the word in English until now. But today, I found the word in Obama's speech in VOA Special English program, this happening let me a little bit happier.

"Civilian control" is translated 「文民統制」 in Japanese.


This year, I decided to try making "Ume-shu"(梅酒) because the Japanese apricot tree in my yard had a lot of its fruits. Making "Ume-shu " and other products from the fruits was the work of my father by last year. But, he died January, now no one do it.

I am looking forward to drinking it about three month later.

"Gougai"(newspaper extra)

Friday morning, I received "Gougai"(号外) that tells about the Japanese foot ball team defeated the Denmark's and will go into the tournament stage. Of course, I did not pay for it because it is generally delivered with free.

I could not remember when the last "gougai" was published and about which article it told before this time.

Jun 20, 2010

a little bit busy days

Recently, I am a little bit busy in my work. I have several topics that I want to tell you on my blog, but tiredness from my work takes away my drive. Please wait for new articles on my blog until my motivation returns.

Jun 12, 2010

Jun 5, 2010

mini concert

On May 29, several members of my son's brass band club performed at a community center. Usually, they perform in more than 50 members. But, this time, their performance included solo, ensemble from two to five members.

My son played a tuba in solo. Tuba is the biggest brass instrument, this photo shows its size very well.