Aug 27, 2008


We left for "Ureshino-onsen" at about eleven o'clock on August 24. We used the express high way and had a short rest at "Kiyama"(基山) service area for having a lunch.

We visited the "Yutoku-Inari-jinjya"(祐徳稲荷神社) before we arrived at this day's accommodation. It is locally, a famous place and one of three big "Inari"s (三大稲荷). But there were less visitors than we expected.

The accommodation that we stayed locates in the middle of mountain area. We could feel good natural circumstance. After using a "Roten-buro"(露天風呂) that is place outside, we had a good dinner and used other bath again, and went to bed. (Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of dinner's dishes.)

Next day's morning, I wake up earlier and rode my bike around there for about an hour. I found a nice view of water-fall in my way. (Later, I took my family to this place to see it.)

The breakfast was buffet style so called "baikingu"(バイキング) in Japanese. So, I ate too much than normal.

We left the hotel at about twelve o'clock. And we ate "Gyouza"(餃子) as lunch in the city of "Takeo"(武雄) before we returned home.


Aug 23, 2008

An overnight trip

On this Sunday and Monday, my family will make a overnight trip for enjoying an "onsen"(温泉). Our destination is "Ureshino-onsen"(嬉野温泉) in Saga prefecture. If I find interesting things in this trip, I will show you those photos.

Aug 19, 2008

Ponyo on the cliff

"Ponyo on the cliff"(崖の上のポニョ) is now showing in Japan. It is directed by a very famous director, Miyazaki Hayao(宮崎 駿). I had been interested in it. If I would hear a good evaluation about it from someone who saw it, I would plan to see it.

My wife and daughter went to see the movie on August 6. But, unfortunately, it betrayed my wife's expectation. I decided not to go to a movie theater for it. (But, I will see it on a television program in a few years.)

My wife says that the movie has left uncomfortable, unstable feeling in her mind.

But, I like this song very much. It has a lot of imitative words.

Aug 12, 2008


"Ogu-Shio"(オグシオ) is the nick name of the Japanese women's badminton doubles team. Their families names are "Ogura Kumiko"(小椋 久美子) and "Shiota Reiko"(潮田 玲子). They are very popular top athletes because of their good looks.

Sunday's evening, I watched their game on the Olympic game television program. They defeated the Denmark team, but their victory did not seem complete. During the game, I felt Ogura's waist had something strange. A little bit later, I found out that she wore a corset on her waist under her uniform because of her waist pain. And later I knew that she had this problem since this July.

Many top athletes have similar problems and they think they have to manage to do deal with this problem. But, I have had a doubt about it. Because they have a plenty of time after they retire from their athlete life. If they have something bad in their body, they have to deal with this problem all of their rest of life.

Almost all people have recognized the worth of sports. But, all top athletes have these problem and we should more consider about them, I think.

Aug 9, 2008


Today, Nagasaki atomic Bomb memorial ceremony was held in the city. But, many people in Japan are more interested in the Olympic game in Beijing than it, I feel. Japan is a very peaceful country, I think.

In fact, Japan had invaded other Asian countries in the 1930-40, and still now Japan has been criticized on this issue. But, in the other side, Japan is the only "被爆国"(hibakukoku) that means a country is attacked by using an atomic bomb. I think that Japan should more appeal this position in the international stage.

Aug 2, 2008


It is said that Japanese language has a lot of imitative words. Yesterday, I found a good example that explains this issue in a newspaper "朝日新聞"(Asahi-sinbun).

谷川 俊太郎(tanigawa shuntarou) is a famous, living poet. This poet sounds good for native speakers=Japanese because it is written in a kind of pattern called "七五調"(shiti-go-tyou). If you know pronunciations of "ひらがな"(hiragana), I recommend you to read this poet aloud.

I do not mind itscopyright problem on quoting this poet because I show where I take it from. If I am wrong on this issue, please tell me about it.


Last Saturday, I was invited to a home party held at my former boss's house. He lives in Tobata ward of Kitakyushu city and I took this video on my way back to my home. This event is called "戸畑祇園大山笠"(Tobata-Gion-O-Yamagasa) that is one of tht most famous and traditonal fesitval in the nothern part of Kyushu.