Oct 31, 2010


Yesterday, I replaced a cyclocomputer on my bike. The new device can measure "cadence".

In Japan, "cadence "(ケイデンス) is a special term for people who like riding bike, but general people do not know the word. It means rpm of a pedal. It is generally said that a good cyclist keeps the cadence about 90. My old device could not measure cadence, so I replaced it.

From now, I can train myself checking cadence during my cycling.

Oct 24, 2010

Land slide

This picture shows one scene that I saw when I went to the foot of Mt. Fukuchi(福智山) by bike on Oct. 11. Probably, a land slide happened there and the slope is repaired by the concrete.

I thought how much money it cost and how many people's lives it can save. It looks a kind of "Koukyou-kouji"(公共工事)(in direct translation, public construction) that means the government build some constructions mainly to create jobs.

As you might know, Japanese land is occupied by large mountain area and we have a lot of rain. So, sometimes we see land slides(地すべり).

Oct 9, 2010

"Home Bakery"

I don't know that the word "Home Bakery" is used in the United States .And also I don't know that this kind of product is common there. But, it has been generally used among Japanese, and I have used it for our breakfast every day since I bought it through Amazon several days ago.

To make a bread by using it, we use wheat flour(250g), sugar(large spoon 2),salt(small spoon 1).skim milk(large spoon 1), butter(10g) ,180ml water and dry yeast. Its total cost is about 120yen, I think.

We can buy a same amount of bread named "食パン"(sliced bread) at a lower price than 120yen at a supermarket. So, we can not save money with this convenient machine.

Oct 4, 2010

Cycle Tour Kitakyushu

I was planning to take part in a bike event named Cycle Tour Kitakyushu last Sunday. But, I gave up it because of heavy rain in morning even though I had already paid entry fee.

The rain continued until about 11AM. After it had stopped raining, I rode my bike for short trip in my neighborhood. When I saw several people who had taken part in that event on the road, I slightly regretted my earlier decision.