May 25, 2013

the music in "Kazoku-game"

Now, I have enjoyed a Japanese TV drama named "Kazoku-game"(家族ゲーム) in recent days. It is a story that a family member's relationship is collapsing after a private teacher has started his work at the house. A famous entertainer named "Sakurai Shou"(櫻井 翔), a member of a vocal group "Arashi"(嵐), has played the mysterious teacher.

Also, I like the music used in the drama. It is played by only one instrument, saxophones. Please pay attention to the music if you have a chance to watch the TV program.

The below sound is not played by saxophones, but you can feel the music from it.

May 18, 2013

bike guide for foreigner

I belong to an organization that helps foreigners to ride a bike in Japan. I guided foreigners who visited my area with their bikes in the past several years.

This time, I met an American man who had a plan to ride a bike in Japan. The main purpose of his visit to Japan is to meet with his relatives. He is a Japanese-American.

His request was to help him to buy a bike at a store. Last Sunday, I took him the store that locates near the "JR Space World" station in Yahata-Higashi ward in City of Kitakyushu. Finally, he could get a bike arranged for his needs.

I hope that he enjoys bike trip in Japan.

May 6, 2013

"fair price"

Bangladesh Building Collapse Kills More Than 500

I have learned this VOA's news yesterday by transcribing it. I always wonder if people in developed countries have bought things at "fair" price from people in developing countries when I hear this kind of news.

In capitalism, people want to get less costly things. But, there is "proper price" for things that is dealt in market, I think. It means that Westerners should buy things with good money that support people's life in developing countries.

May 4, 2013

"Onga-gawa Gyodou Kouen 2"

Today, I took a video of "Onga-gawa Gyodou Kouen" riding bike along it.  I hope you can feel it by seeing this movie.