Jul 29, 2012

China cancels waste project following protest

Chinese officials have canceled plans for an industrial waste project in the coastal city of Qidong. The action comes after more than 1,000 demonstrators gathered in the streets to protest plans. They pushed cars over and invaded government offices. Local officials released a statement on Saturday, saying the project have been canceled after protesters clashed with police. The project involved a pipeline that would have emptied industrial waste from a nearby paper factory into the sea. Protests against project that harm the environment have increased in China. 30 years of unrestricted industrial expansion in the country have resulted in several cases of mass poisonings and health scares.    

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My opinion/thought on this news
The paper factory is managed by a Japanese company, so I am a little bit afraid that this movement might lead an anti-Japan movement.

Jul 18, 2012

Gunmen attack WHO team in Pakistan's Karachi

Gunmen have attacked the World Health Organization team working against polio in southern Pakistan, wounding two people. WHO says a team member and an international adviser were taken to a hospital after the attack Tuesday in the city of Karachi. Pakistani police had earlier identified the two as a foreign doctor and his driver. Both men were supporting a three-day national ant-polio campaign that was launched on Monday. WHO said there is no evidence to suggest that the attack was meant for the anti-polio efforts or WHO. 

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Jul 16, 2012

a lot of waste after the heavy rain

Today is a national holiday called "umi no hi"(海の日) I rode my bike around the mouth of Onga-river today's morning.

After heavy rain, a lot of waste gather at the river mouth weir. Several workers were removing them there.

On my way to home, I saw that several people took photos of lotus flower at a small pond. And I took some photos too.

Lotus flower is often linked to Buddhism. Recently my age has reached 50, now I am likely to think the meaning of life along the living way of Buddhism.

Jul 15, 2012

"Tsuyu no Harema 2"

It is a fine day today while we had heavy rain yesterday. I waked up early morning and went fishing to "Hatsu" sea shore. But, the result was only a small fish. I gave up fishing 30 minutes after starting it because I found out I had unsuitable rod for this fishing.

The wind was strong but the wave was good for surfers. I took this movie at "Hatsu"(波津) sea shore.  

Jul 14, 2012

Heavy rain has continued in Kyushu

In recent days, we, people in Kyushu, have had heavy rain. Yesterday's newspaper said that it was "keiken shita koto no nai oo-ame"(経験したことのない大雨)["record-breaking heavy rainfall pounded"].

The disaster had destroyed a lot of places, especially in the mountain area of Kyusyu like Aso that has a lot of sight-seeing places. I am sorry that good places have been destroyed. The Mainichi News

Today, I was worried that Onga-gawa(遠賀川), a big river near my house, might have flooded. But it did not happen, now I have felt safe.

Jul 8, 2012

"Tsuyu no Harema"

Rainy season has not ended yet, but today's weather was fine. So, I run my bike on a routine route.

VOA Special English News 111

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world may not be able to log on to the Internet Monday. Officials say people should check their computers now to see if it has a virus that spread a year ago. The virus was caused by Eastern European computer criminals. The websites Facebook and Google are giving information to people on how they can fix their computers. The criminals took control of almost 600,000 computers last year. The Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States stopped the criminals. It has set up two Internet servers so that users can remain online. But the servers will be closed at about 4 hours universal time on Monday. You can find out more about whether your computer is infected and, if so, how to fix it by going to www.dcwg.org.

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