May 27, 2008


I took this photo at a JR station on my way to job.

Now, Japan is becoming a country where people who love to smoke don't want to live. In public space, smokers have to use special places for smoking. I am not a smoker, so I welcome this trend.

The World No Tobacco day, May 31, is coming soon. It is just my 4?th birthday.


ジョン said...

I'm not a big fan of smoking and have little sympathy for those that smoke who are inconvenienced. In other words, I welcome this trend too.

Anonymous said...

felix desu. Dozo Yoroshiku,

Nice blog youve got here,
I also really enjoy riding my bike.

And i agree. I dislike smoking, recently they have passed a law here in spain to restrict people from smoking with in public buildings... lots of people was agaisnt it hehe.

bikenglish said...

[to John san]
Thank you for comment.
I saw several people smoking outside their hotels in New York city. They looked visitors from Europe. I would like to know conditions for those who love smoking at public space in Houston.

[to Felix san]
Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog. I will continue this blog and I hope you will leave your comment again. And also, I would like to talk with you about bike and roads for it in my and your country. What kind of bike is yours? Road style? or Mountain bike?

Anonymous said...

Well I went to Japan during 3 weeks recently and I thought that your laws against smoking is quite weird...
I'm from France, and recently too, a law against smoking in closed public spaces (cafe, restaurant, clubs etc...) took effect, but it's still completely ok outside...

In Japan it's completely the opposite !!
Which means that when you are walking you won't see any smokers but when you want to eat... you have tons of smokes in your lumbs.
For me its nonsense.

I must admit that I just HATE smoke so well for me those news laws are so great ! XD

ウィリアム (William)

bikenglish said...

[to william san]

Thank you for leaviing your comment.

Where did you stay in Japan? In ralatively urban area, almost all public space like restaurant, city hall and station bans smoking, but in local city, the situation has not advanced yet.

Anonymous said...

Our trip pass through huge and medium city : Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Himeji, Kyoto, Nara, Takayama, Hakone.

In fact in some restaurants there were smoking and non smoking area... with nothing to stop the smoke so it was exactly the same as in France before the law was written ^^
You had to eat and smell tabacco... just desgusting. :p