Apr 29, 2011

VOA Special English News 13

President Obama has announced major changes to his national security team.

He nominated the Central Intelligent Agency director Leon Panetta to replace Defense Secretory Robert Gates. President said Mr. Panetta has played an important part in the nation's fight against violent extremism.

Mr. Obana named Army General David Petraeus to replace Mr. Panetta as head of the CIA. General Petraeus is now leading military operations in Afghanistan. Mr. Petraeus will be replaced by the deputy commander of the United States Central Command, Lieutenant General John Allen.

Mr. Obama also announced diplomat Ryan Crocker as his choice as the next American ambassador to Afghanistan.

All for positions require approval from the Senate.






Apr 25, 2011

VOA Special English News 12

In Japan, Emperor Akihito has visited with people made homeless by last month earthquake and tsunami. This is his second visit to the disaster area, north of Tokyo. The Emperor and Empress Michiko spent Friday with survivors in Kita-Ibaraki.

The town's port was badly damaged. Local fishing industry has suffered over fears that radiation from Fukushima nuclear power center has harmed fish. The March 11 earthquake and tsunami killed almost thirty thousand people and left more than four hundred thirty thousand others homeless.

Also in Japan, Toyota motor company says that the problems caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan will reduce its international production. The world's largest car manufacturer says production will be reduced for much of this year. The company president said factories lack about one hundred fifty parts used in making new vehicles.




Apr 19, 2011

VOA Special English News 11

Japan is using robots to measure radiation levels, temperatures and other conditions inside its damaged nuclear Daiichi power station. The United States based iRobot corporation loaned the two robots to the Tokyo Electric Power company. Robots can enter into damaged reactors which are too dangerous for humans. TEPCO officials say workers are still at the Fukushima Daiich power station carrying out engineering work to cool the reactors. Robots can lift objects and move wreckage. Similar machines have been used to take apart roadside bombs and examine caves in Afghanistan.

日本は、こわれた第一原子力発電所内の放射線レベル、温度、その他のコンディションを測定するため、ロボットの使用を始めた。 合衆国に本拠を置くアイロボット社は東京電力会社に二つのロボットを貸した。ロボットは、人間には危険過ぎる壊れた原子炉内に入ることができる。東京電力会社によると福島第一原子力発電所では今も原子炉を冷却するために技術者が作業を続けている。ロボットは障害物を持ち上げ、瓦礫を動かすことができる。同じような機械は、アフガニスタンで爆弾の分解や洞窟の調査に用いられている。

Apr 17, 2011

a fine day

Recently, I had been suffering from mild depression. But I am recovering now from the bad condition.

From this January to March, I had ridden my bike only a few times because it had continued at low temperature and I am suffering from pollinosis(花粉症).

Today was a very fine day, so I run on my routine course.

I found a new building that was just built in these days.
On my way to home, I found a "Gyouza-shop" which I came across in a TV program in the town of Okagaki(岡垣町). Next time, I will try the food.

Apr 4, 2011

VOA Special English News 10

Engineers in Japan are using chemicals, sawdust, and torn newspaper to stop radioactive water leaking from Fukushima Daiich power station. It was severely damaged in a huge earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

The engineers are trying to stop radio active water from leaking into the Pacific Ocean. Saturday, workers at the station found a hall in the station from which water appeared to be leaking. They tried to close the hall first with concrete and later with liquid plastic material. But a spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power Company says there has been no change in radiation levels in the coastal waters near the station. Japanese officials say it could take month to stop radiation leaking into the ocean.

Also, Sunday, TEPCO officials said remains of two workers killed in the tsunami have been found at the station.




My blog friend's video

My blog friend's Jon-san stars in his video and speaks good Japanese. He and his friends made this video for their university's study. Its theme is that there is an international communication beyond the languages.

Apr 3, 2011

A song cheers Fukushima

I have learned this song when I listened to a FM radio program performed by Masaharu Fukuyama on March 27. As you know, Fukushima is the center of the nuclear crisis. I think that this problem would continue for more than 30 years. So, we have to cheer people in Fukushima for a long time.