Jul 30, 2010

Ross will take part in the ceremony in Hiroshima

I have written about this problem in the past articles on my blog. And, here. Yesterday, I came across with an article in Ashahi that tells some developments on the issue. I have translated it into English.

The US State Department spokesman PJ Crowley announced Wednesday that John Ross, the ambassador to Japan will take part in the annual peace memorial ceremony August 6 in Hiroshima. He says that the purpose of Ross's participation to it is to express the honor for all victims of the World War Ⅱ. But, in another development on this issue, a high level official in the department said clearly that the USA does not have any idea that it will express apology to Japan about using the mass destruction weapons in WW2 in the ceremony.

Jul 26, 2010


This time, I intoduce a unique word in Kitakyushu(北九州) area.

"Kaku-uchi"(角打ち) is a special word used in only this area. It means a place to drink without using chairs. So, people can drink saving money.

A big ironworks led by those day's government was built in Yahata(八幡) (now a part in the city of Kitakyushu) in 1901 and the area had developed as an industrialized city. Many people, workers and their family members, gathered in this area.

There used to be a lot of workers until in the area in the 1970's when Japanese major industry had begun to change from "heavy" to "light, or electronics, or car".

Workers needed a place where they could drink after work with less money. Some liquor shops started to serve alcohol to them (I think), people called it "Kaku-uchi". But, no one exactly knows where the word comes from.

Generally, "Kaku-uchi" means a place where people can drink next to a liquor shop. But, recently, there are drink places named "Kaku-uchi" in city's urban area. These photos are some examples.

"Green" road

Recently, my ride course has been partly painted in "green". I don't know that the painting the road in green is really needed , but the color is very nice ."見事な緑色!"

Jul 18, 2010

Seeing "Kokura-Gion Daiko" with Indonesians

Last Saturday, I took three Indonesians to Kokura (小倉) to see "Kokura-Gion-Daiko"(小倉祇園太鼓). They are working in a nursing home and a hospital in Japan as workers under EPA, Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and Indonesia.

Two men of them have already been introduced on this blog, but I saw this women for the first time.

Her name is Elice-san, and she is working at the hospital of the University of Occupational and Environmental Health(産業医科大学病院). She is a very smart woman who has a nice Asian smile, I think.

After seeing several teams that played "Gion-Daiko", we took a dinner at a restaurant that serves mainly "Soba"(そば) that is one of Japanese traditional noodle.

At first, I would treat them to this dinner. But, she said that she would to treat three men including me to this dinner because she had just received a special payment on her job. Finally, I decided to accept her offer. I will send a small gift as "Okaeshi"(お返し)to her.

Jul 12, 2010


Election for Member of the House of Councillors was held last Sunday across the country. I worked for this election as an extra stuff because I am a local government worker.

There are many varieties of place for election in Japan, but one of most used places is a gymnasium in a school.

We had set several equipments for election in a gymnasium Saturday morning and I took this photo as a record for next election.

Jul 3, 2010

humid days

Humid days have continued in this area. Today, it was cloudy and sometimes rainy. But, "green" has become more green.

This photo is a rice paddy near my house.