Sep 30, 2015

Tour de Saiki, 2015

I took part in a cycle event called "Tour de Saiki" on Sep. 20th. It was my second participation to the event after 2013. At that time, I fell down from my bike and injured on my left shoulder.

I entered 102 km course and finished it in about eight hours. The last part of the course included steep slopes to a lighthouse, so I walked with my bike for about one hour.

I stayed at an accommodation run by a fisherman at the night with my friend. Next day, we traced the course by my car.

The first photo is a scenery from the high place on the course. The second is a place where I felt down and injured on my shoulder.

Sep 6, 2015

"O-mikuji" robot by YASKAWA in JR station

"Kurosaki" area in Yahata-nishi ward in Kitakyushu is my home town. However, there have not been  a good news in this area  for a long time because the area's population has been decreasing and a lot businesses had closed. But, now I can present a good news about my home town.

"YASKAWA" is a manufacturing company that is famous for building industry robots and has its headquarter in "Kurosaki" area. Recently, "YASKAWA" has opened a robot museum near the JR "Kurosaki"station and has exhibited its "O-mikuji" robot at the station's entrance area. Today I saw its working and felt a little bit proud of being born in "Kurosaki".