Oct 24, 2011

VOA Special English News 63

Iran says it has recovered the bodies of six Indian oil workers who drowned in the Persian Gulf Thursday. The workers were trapped in a diving vehicle at an oil field when their support ship sank. Iranian officials say rescue workers saved 60 of the 73 people on the ship. Seven other workers are still missing. The ship was used for putting pipelines in place. It is unclear why it sank.


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kinokage (木の陰) said...


- drowned (過去形)
- The workers ("The", which 話している人 doesn't speak clearly)
- saved (過去形)

でも、凄かったです。 ところで、英語で数字の書き方は、文の始めに、たぶん数字でよりロマ字で書くほうがいいでしょう: "Seven other workers". 実は、小さな(low)数字を書くときには、よくロマ字を使います。 一から十までロマ字で、十以上には、数字です。

Hope that makes sense! 私は日本語の生徒なので、間違いすみませんでした。