Jan 31, 2009


I could not find out what these items were when I saw them in a convenience store named Lawson. Several minutes ago, I understood that they were many kind of "Nyuuyoku-zai"(入浴剤)s.

Japanese people love to use a bath with "Nyuuyoku-zai".

Jan 25, 2009


Several days ago, I drunk a "sake" named "Senchu-hassaku"(船中八策). It taseted very good.

A sake maker named "Tukasa-botan"(司牡丹) in Kouchi prefecture(高知県) names its production "Senchu-hassaku". It is the name of "Sakamo Ryouma"(坂本竜馬)'s proposal that urged "Edogawa" administration(江戸幕府) to give up its power at the end of "Edo" era(江戸時代). It is formed of eight articles and some people say that "Ryouma" made it when he sailed, so its name is "Senchu-hassaku". "Ryouma" was born in "Tosa"(土佐), now where is Kouch prefecture.

"Ryoma" is one of the most favorite hero among most Japanese all time. NHK's "Taiga-dorama"(大河ドラマ) in 2010 has been decided "Ryouma-den"(竜馬伝) that tells his history by staring "Fukuyama Masaharu"(福山雅治).

Snow fall

Today, we have a lot of snow. So, I have deciced not to go outdoor.


Jan 18, 2009

In mountain area

Yesterday, I made a short trip to Kujyu(久住) area in Oita prefecture(大分県) with good friends. This area is famous for good mountain view in Kyushu.

Our purpose included visiting our elder friend's log cabin and enjoying light activity in mountain area. All members have worked for a local government and the elder friend works as a section chief. (but, he is not a boss of this member.)

His log cabin was bigger and more excellent than I expected. We could have good time for our lunch and short rest because of this good building.

After lunch, we climbed a mountain named "Ryousi-dake mountain". It took about 1hour and 45 minutes for us to climb up and down. It was not very hard, but we could enjoy light activity in winter season, we thought.

On our way to home, we used an "onsen" named "Uke-no-kuchi onsen"(筌の口温泉) and ate "Udon"(うどん) for our dinner.


Jan 16, 2009

my son's bike

Last Monday, I borrowed a bike from my son to go to my home course. His is a mountain-bike, so I enjoyed riding at that time because I could go to rough roads where I cannot go with my road bike.

His bike is a low-end model of a bike maker in Taiwan named Giant, but it has good quality, I think.

Jan 12, 2009

TOEIC and "Hatsu-yuki"

Yesterday, I took part in TOEIC that was held at a university campus in Yahata-higashi ward, city of Kitakyushu. Now I have regretted that I should study more hard for it because of my unsuccessful result. I will receive the score in thirty days.

Very cold days have continued. I found "Hatsu-yuki"(初雪)this morning in an area of my yard where I have planted radishes.

Jan 8, 2009

blue light has come!

Some days ago, I watched a television program that said some kind of blue lights have good effect to calm human's offensive feeling and to degrease some kind of crimes. But, I did not think that it came in my town. Yesterday, I found it in bicycle parking area in front of a station that I use every day.

If it is true that this light has a such effect, we should equip them in many conflict area around the world including Gaza, I think.

Jan 6, 2009


Today's morning, I drunk a "Mikan-cha"(みかん茶) that was given to me from my former boss. His wife went to Cheju-island(済州島),South Korea for sight-seeing in the middle of last December. She bought a "Mikan-cha" there as a souvenir.

Cheju-island is a good sight-seeing place for Japanese. (But, I have never been to Cheju.)

Jan 4, 2009

from mountain area

It was a fine day yesterday, and I rode my bike to a mountain area about 40 minutes away from my house. It was the first road to my riding.

In the winter season, if the sky is clear, we can see far places because of clear atmosphere.

Also, I found a little bit remain of snow that fell a few days ago.

Jan 1, 2009

too thick!

As you might know, the first day of January is a special day for most people in Japan. This day's newspaper has much articles than usual. This year's Asahi includes a guide about special TV programs, sports, a historical place in Japan, learning, and literature. It is three times as thick as normal.

The first day is the most busiest one for newspaper delivers, I think.