Mar 29, 2009


Yesterday, I made "Gyouza" with my daughter. "Gyouza"(餃子) is one of representative home-made foods in Japan. (Of course, it is a representative menu at Chinese restaurant in Japan.)

This time, I used the Bamix to mince vegetables. I found a good way to make it easy to cook "Gyouza".

Mar 24, 2009

Obama saves Japan?

I took this photo at a book shop.It seems that many people in Japan love Obama. And also, I have often heard that commentators in TV programs say the USA's new leader is better than the one of Japan. They say that the prime minister has less leadership than Obama. But, this opinion is nonsense because our political system is very different from USA's, I think.

Obama is
for the only oneas Senator who opposed the war of Iraq although many lawmakers agreed the war. I don't know whether his this behavior came from his humantarian stance, or not.

If he is a true humanitarian, in the future, he should go to Hiroshima or Nagasaki to express apologies to many deaths during his visit to Japan. (but, this cannot come true, absolutely, I think.)

Mar 22, 2009

Sakura '09

We can see Sakura in many places in this season. Yesterday, it was very fine and I took several pictures of Sakura. The flowers have not been in full bloom, but you can feel the atmosphere of Japanese Spring, I think.

Mar 15, 2009

fine day

I went to the seashore in Ashiya-machi(芦屋町) by bike. The sky was clear, but wind was strong, and waves were rough.

"Kurin campaign"

Today, I took part in "Onga-gawa, kasen-jiki, kurin campaign"(遠賀川河川敷クリーンキャンペーン). About 100 people gathered.

After about one hour of picking up trashes, I ate "buta-jiru"(豚汁) served by staffs.

This "kasen-jiki" area includes some part of my ride course, so I decided to take part in this event.

"asatte, ototoi"

There is not one word that means "asatte"(あさって) or "ottoi"(おととい) in English. Also, there is one word that means "sa-rainen"(再来年) or "ototoshi"(おととし) in English. It is very inconvenient, I think.

People using English every day life should invent good one words for them, I think.

Mar 13, 2009

graduation ceremony

Today, my son graduated from a junior high school and I took part in its graduation ceremony with my wife. It was a little bit tiresome to me, but would have some meaning to my son.

Mar 8, 2009


Today, I took my parents to "Chinkoku-ji"(鎮国寺) temple in the city of Munakata(宗像市). This temple is known for "Boke-huji"(ボケ封じ)(in my direct translation, "controlling senility"). Many elder people have visited this temple hoping their healthier life.


the responsibilty of Ameirca

I have learned a lot of things about that war through reading this book. Those include the firebombing of Tokyo on 9 March - 10 March 1945 killed more than one hundred thousand people including many civilians, several names of officials like Curtis Emerson LeMay
and Leslie Richard Groves, and a theory that America used the Atomic bombs as only their experiment, not to end the war.

The largest harvest to me from this book is to know a book named "Mirror for Americans: JAPAN" written by Helen Mears. I have not yet read it but I am looking forward to getting new findings from it.

Mar 1, 2009

"Sugoca" starts

Today, "Sugoca" by JR Kyushu started and I changed my pass card to "Sugoca" with pass.

From now,Now I can enter JR stations without putting needing to pull out a my pass from a its case and entering it through a machine an equipment. I can need to do is press the it with only touching a panel with a case that holds including my "Sugoca" card against a sensor panel.