Apr 30, 2014


On the morning of April 18, I suffered an injury on my right hand's third finger when I rode a bike on my way to office. The cause was the loss of balance by slipping foot on the pedal and hitting my right handle on a guardrail. It included a deep cut and a fracture on the edge of the finger.

I must stay a hospital from April 18 to 21 because the doctor did an operation that fixed the broken part by burying a thin metal. Staying at a hospital and an operation on my body both were the first experience to me.

Of course, these are no good things, but when these happen I always remind a famous, and my favorite saying "Jinkan- Banji-Saiou-ga-Uma"(人間万事塞翁が馬) that comes from an ancient China' story. It means that "a worse thing might happen after a bad thing and also an opposite thing might happen, no one predicts the future correctly".

Apr 15, 2014

A New Study Finds Anti-Smoking Rules Prevent 13 Million Deaths in China







Apr 14, 2014

Family trip 2014 ("Yunoko onsen")

My family, including my son who lives alone to go a university, have an overnight trip once or two times every year. This time, we visited "Yunoko onsen"(湯の児温泉) that locates in the southern part of Kumamoto prefecture in March 29 to 30.

We left my house at 9 am and picked up my son in Fukuoka city and went forward to the onsen.

Now, the days we spend together are getting less than the past so, to spend hours and to see same things together is very good to keep our relationship, I think.

We arrived at the onsen after 4 pm. Unfortunately, it was continuing to rain and I thought that the scenery could look more beautiful if it was clear.

"Yunoko onsen" is in a city of Minamata that is known for "Minamata-byou"(水俣病).  I wanted to visit a memorial center that tells about the pollution disease but I gave it up because I could not get my family's agreement.

In the morning of March 30, we walked around there for about 20 minutes. I had an impression that this area is one of  "hinabita onsen"(鄙びた温泉). "Hinabita" means that "it is rural but has good atmosphere".

We went home after we had a short stop at a farmer's market and bought several souvenirs that included "Dekopon"(でこぽん) that is a well-known citrus fruit in this area.

Picture album is here.