Mar 18, 2013

Solar Power Generation 2

Several days ago, I received this document that tells me how much money our solar power system earned during a period from Feb.14 to Mar. 13. It was larger than I expected first.
Of course I have expected it earns more next time.

Mar 10, 2013

Visual Basic for Applications

I often use the Microsoft's Excel on my business but had never used its advanced function, "Visual Basic for Applications" while being aware of the existence.

I have learned it to apply it to my business since the middle of January. Now, I feel that I get "a strong weapon". I will continue to learn about it to get its more useful function and improve my office work.

Mar 6, 2013

Solar Power Generation

The solar power system on our house has started its operation since January 25. I check this monitor to see how much electricity that the system creates every day. In my calculation, it earns about 800 yen when it is fine.

By the way, "Mirai Syounen Konan(未来少年コナン)" is one of my favorite animation movies. About 30 years ago, it was broadcast in NHK's programs and I was looking forward to seeing it every week.

In the story, a big energy called "Taiyou Enerugi(太陽エネルギー)" plays an important part.

About two month ago, I saw a news program that tells that there is "a dream project" in Japan that makes it able to get electricity that is created out of the earth. The theory of the project is almost same to "Mirai Syonen Konan's Taiyou Enerugi". I was a little bit impressed by it.

Japan is a country that does not have a good amount of natural resources. If scientists in Japan establish this technology, Japan get good energy without depending on other countries.

The website that explains it is here,SSPS.

Mar 2, 2013

"As It Is"

I lost my drive to transcribe "As It Is" program into a text after I found a website that has the program's texts. I had not thought that there is a website that offers them.

I continue to seek a way to develop my English in other way.