Mar 30, 2008


I have heard Annie Lennox's this song several times on radio programs. But, I only enjoyed it with its melody. I think this song is very "catchy".

This time, I have learned its message on the VOA special English program "Development report" and would like more people to listen to it. You can listen to it at this website.

Mar 28, 2008


Last weekend, I and my elder brother took our parents to one night trip to celebrate their fifth fiftieth anniversary of marriage(金婚式(きんこんしき)). We should celebrate it with our full family including my wife and children, my brother's wife and children. But it costs a lot of money, so we decided to travel with only our original family.

It was the first time to travel with our original family in more than thirty years.

The first day, we arrived in the Unzen National park that is the first national park in Japan and stayed at a traditional Japanese hotel (旅館). The next day, it was terribly bad climate, and we had a short stop at Shimabara. In this season, it is not suitable for a sightseeing, but I thought that we could do a little bit "Oya-koukou(親孝行)".

I took several photos in this trip. You can enjoy several scene of sightseeing place in Japan.


Mar 26, 2008

Here is also "Obama"

Last Saturday and Sunday, I traveled in Nagasaki prefecture. (I will write about its details in next archive.)
I found "Obama" in this place.

Mar 22, 2008

New cell phone

I got a new cell phone on last Thursday. Its technology has advanced greatly, so, surpisingly, I can watch some TV programs on it. Of cource, above is new, below is my old one.

Mar 12, 2008

Making a cappuccino

I found an easy way to make a "cappuccino".

1 Pour milk into a large cop by the level of one fourth of it.

2 Microwave 1 for a minute.

3 Whip 2 using "bamix" machine.

4 Pour coffee into 3.

"bamix" is a very useful machine, I think.

Mar 2, 2008


Today's our lunch was "Tako-yaki". Making "Tako-yaki" is more enjoyable than I thought.

People in Osaka love "Tako-yaki" very much, so they all have a "Tako-yaki-ki" in their houses.