Apr 29, 2012

"Golden Week" starts

A series of national holidays from the end of April to the top of May is called "Golden Week"(ゴールデン・ウィーク).

Today, I went cycling with my friend and took these photos in the riverbed of "Onga-gawa"(遠賀川).Unfortunately, it was a little bit cloudy.

During "Golden Week", I will take part in a cycling event called "Tour de Kunisaki"(ツールド・国東) and have a one-night trip to a local accommodation(民宿) near my son's house in Fukuoka city with my family.

VOA Special English News 102

Chinese rights activist Chen Guangchen has escaped from house arrest. The police are searching for him, his family and those who helped him to escape. The blind dissident lawyer fled his closely guarded home in a village in Shandong province last Sunday. However, officials did not learn he was missing until Thursday. It is not clear where he is now. On Friday, Chen Guangchen described the abuses he and his family have reportedly suffered during his year-and-a-half under house arrest. He spoke in a video published on the Internet.

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Apr 22, 2012

A New Term Starts

In Japan, many things start on April.

In recent days, I was a little bit busy because I had spent a lot of time for preparation of my son's and daughter's new life..

My son has now lived alone in Fukuoka city to go to a university. My daughter has started a life in a dormitory to go to a high school. (But, she returns home every weekend.)

And I have started a new job in a different part of a local government since April 1. 


Apr 21, 2012

VOA Special English News 101

American officials say a Black Hawk helicopter has crashed in southwestern Afghanistan. The plane crashed in bad weather Thursday. It was not known if any of the four crew members survive. Earlier, Afghan President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the actions of American soldiers pictured with the dead bodies of militants. He said the pictures were evidence that foreign troops needs to withdraw sooner. The pictures were taken in 2010. The Los Angesl Times published two of the 18 pictures Wednesday. The newspaper reports says the soldiers who released the pictures wanted to draw  attention to poor leadership that could threaten the safety of troops.

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Apr 15, 2012

VOA Special English News 100

The United Nation's Secretary of General Ban Ki- moon has joined international leaders in condemning North Korea's launch of a long-distance rocket, even though the test failed. The rocket broke up and crashed into the Yellow Sea shortly after it was launched on Friday. North Korea's official news agency admitted the rocket failed to send what it says a weather satellite into orbit. North Korea ignored international protests and appeals to not launch the rocket. Many countries believe the launch was a test of a long-distance missile that could carry nuclear weapons. The rocket failed for a lack of fuel. It fell into the sea without hitting land or striking any of many boats watching the test from international waters.

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国連事務総長の潘 基文(パン・ギムン)氏は、発射実験が失敗したにも関わらず、各国の指導者とともに北朝鮮の長距離ロケットの発射を非難した。ロケットは、金曜日発射直後、分裂し、黄海に衝突した。北朝鮮国営放送は、ロケットは、「気象衛星」を軌道に送ること失敗したことを認めた内容を放送した。北朝鮮は国際的な抗議を無視し、ロケットの発射はしていないと主張した。多くの国々は発射は核兵器を搭載できる長距離ミサイルの実験だったと思っている。ロケットは燃料不足で失敗した。ロケットは、地上にぶつかることなく、また公海上から実験を見ていた多くのボートにぶつかることなく、海に落下した。

Apr 8, 2012

VOA Special English News 99

Leaders from 53 countries have begun a two-day meeting in Seoul, South Korea. The leaders are talking about ways to make sure terrorists are not able to gain control of nuclear weapons. On Sunday, President Obama announced that Ukraine has removed all highly enriched uranium from its soil. He said Ukraine was acting on a promise made two years ago at the first Nuclear Security conference in Washington. Since then, United States and Russia have agreed to do away with enough plutonium for 17 thousand nuclear weapons. And Kazakhstan has secured more than 13 tons of highly enriched uranium and plutonium in the past two years. Many nuclear weapons from the former Soviet Union have been stored in Kazakhstan.