Mar 7, 2016

Visit to BKK Feb. 14-17,2016

I visited BKK, Thailand Feb 14-17 with my wife and daughter. This main purpose was to meet with Supaporn-san and to visit famous places there with her help.
I had a lot of interesting experiences in this visit. But unfortunately I lost my digital camera. So I only reports one event in those issues.
I have learned that there are some bakeries near Santa Cruz Church that sells "Portuguese dry cake" that is made in very old style from the VOA learning English program. Its name is "kanom farang kutiji jiin " in Thailand language. The cake is made from duck eggs, sugar, wheat flour and raisins, without baking powder or yeast. It has been made in the same way in 500 years ago.
I requested Supaporn-san to visit the Santa Cruz Church with us. She guided us to the church on the third day and we were able to eat the cake and to buy it as souvenir. All my colleague said it was very good. Thank you very much, Supaporn-san.
BKK, Feb 14-17

Jan 18, 2016

Taiwan coffee

Taiwan coffee package

a shop sells Taiwan coffee where I bought it on Dec 19

a map that shows where 16 indigenous people live

I bought Taiwan coffee that grew in Taiwan when my visit to the country. It cost NT$750, about 2800 yen, it was expensive. It tasted good but very different from one that I usually drink in Japan.

I found a word "Paiwan" in the package of the coffee. Paiwan is one of 16 indigenous groups in Taiwan. Someday I would like to visit a village where one indigenous group live.

Jan 3, 2016

Visit to Kaohsiung and Tainan in Taiwan Dec.17-20, 2015

「飛虎将軍廟」 at 台南市安南区
「安平古堡」;Ford Zeelandia
「佛光山」 with Mr.Lu
with Mrs.Lu at Ciatou Station of KMRT

 I visited Kaohsiung and Tainan in Taiwan on Dec.17-20 last year. My main purpose was to see Mr.Lu and to visit several places related to Japan, especially old buildings that were built under the rule of Japan. 

On Dec.18 Mr. and Mrs. Lu took me a lot of places including "Sugar Production Factory Museum","a fast food restaurant that serves milkfish(Tainan's representative food)","Hiko-Shougun-Shrine(that honors a Japanese soldier)","Tan-tsu-men restaurant","Fort Zeelandia(安平古堡)" "Hayashi-Hyakka(林百貨)(recently renovated building)","Fo Guang Shan Monastery(佛光山)","Kizan-Buttoku-den(旗山武徳殿)".

I really appreciate to their help. I have get good information about Kaohsiung, Tainan and Taiwan because of their guide. 謝謝 

I would like to visit Taiwan again in two or three years. I will plan to include other activity like mountain climbing in the next visit.

You can see more photos including ones taken on other days by click following link.


Kaohsiung and Tainan Dec.17-20,2015