Oct 18, 2009

acute hepatitis

Last Thursday, I went to a nearby "clinic" to see a doctor because I could not recognize any improvement on my disease. He said that people who have got influenza have normally about five days high body temperature. "Do not mind!"

But, the blood tests showed the abnormal level of the ability of my liver.

Quickly, he introduced me another doctor in a relatively big hospital to get more detailed diagnosis.

Finally, a new doctor diagnosed my disease as "acute hepatitis" . He said that generally the main cause of acute hepatitis is by infection of virus, but in this case he could not identify it. The treatment policy is "to rest quietly", staying in a bed or sitting on a chair. There is no special treatment for it, like injection, drug.

I will go to the hospital tomorrow to see the doctor, hoping to hear good result of my blood tests.

10/19-----279----- 517----- 1106-----2.16-----306
*The last day, the doctor said me that "you are just recovering, you do not have to see me again."

Oct 12, 2009

New Infuenza

I might have got "New Influenza", my body temperature has been more than 38.5 Celsius.

Please wait for new archives until I will recover from this bad condition.

Oct 6, 2009


We often see a poster that shows a worker doing "ojigi"(お辞儀) at a construction site. But, last Sunday, I found a moving version of "ojigi" on a road. It is very interesting, I think.

Oct 4, 2009


Yesterday, I took three women to "Hirodai" to see "susuki". They are about thirty years old, but do not have "steady" a significant other,so they are seeking good relationship with a man. So, in this excursion, there was another purpose that I gave a chance them to meet with good men.

But, this time, I was sorry that I could not introduce suitable men to them. I will make another meeting chance to them at the end of November.

However, I was a little bit satisfied with that day's result because they seemed to enjoy the nature of "Hirao-dai" in spite of the lack of good meeting. I took several photos and you can see them on my web album.