Sep 23, 2008


Recent several days, I have been suffering from a badly stomatitis(口内炎). But, today I cannot recognize it, I am recovering from it.

At first, I felt something uncomfortable in my throat on September 1o. This bad condition continued by the weekend and I saw a doctor who lives near my house. He diagnosed my disease as a cold and prescribed a Chinese herbal medicine and a pill that eased the pain.

But, the pain did not decrease, and finally I found that the pain was caused from a stomatitis that came out under my tongue, not throat pain. By that time, I mistakenly thought that it was a throat pain.

After that, I bought a honey(蜂蜜) at a market and put it on my injured part. It helped cure my disease.

My parents taught me that a honey is useful to cure a stomatitis. Now, I have learned that a honey contains a substance to kill germs from Wikipedia.

If you have a stomatitis, I recommend you to try this way.

Sep 15, 2008

"lipstick on a pig"

Some days ago, I heard that Obama used an expression, "lipstick on a pig" to criticize MacCain and Palin. When I heard it, I looked for a similar expression in Japanese saying.

At first, "Youtou-kuniku"(羊頭狗肉)appeared in my mind. But, later, it did not look a good example, I thought.

If I find a similar Japanese expression to "lipstick on a pig", I will show it on this blog in the future.

Sep 7, 2008

"Ton-don" or "Buta-don"

Yesterday, I had a lunch at "Yoshino-ya"(吉野家) that serves mainly "Gyu-don"(牛丼). I made an order to its clerk saying that "Ton-don to tamago gudasai"(豚丼と卵ください). But, she said "Buta-don to tamago desune"(豚丼と卵ですね。) "Buta-don"! not "Ton-don".

Japanese language is very difficult. ”牛丼”is pronounced as "Gyu-don", not "Ushi-don". Why?. Occasionally, Japanese language has no rule.

Sep 6, 2008

act locally

I have learned "Chou-jin Neiger"(超神ネイガー) by reading today's Asahi newspaper. I felt that this hero character was very interesting.

As you know, there are a lot of hello characters broadcasted by TV program in Japan, but this character mainly acts in Akita prefecture and does not appear in any TV program across the nation. Because, his mission is to save mountains, sea in Akita and Akita itself. And his sayings and weapons links deeply to many products in Akita. Of course, he speaks Akita dialect.

Our area where I live is far from Akita, but I want go to Akita to meet "Chou-jin Neiger" in the future.

Sep 4, 2008

"Jibun" means you!?

Generally, "Jibun"(自分) means myself in Japanese. But, it locally is used in very different meanings.

Some days ago, I watched a TV commercial on a canned coffee stared by "Fukuyama Masaharu"(福山雅治)who is a very popular actor and singer. In this commercial program, a young man says that "「自分は不器用ですね」" to him. (However, I am not sure what he said, but, it sounds like that to me. )

Surprisingly, in Kansai(関西) area (Kyouto, Osaka, Koube), "Jibun" means occasionally "you". It is very confused thing, but is fact. And, it is very curious to people in other area.