Jun 27, 2009


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Today, I received home-made "Rakkyo"(らっきょう) from my parents. "Rakkyo" is a kind of Japanese traditional pickles. It has unique smell, so some people don't like it.


Zarte said...

Could it be garlics with vinegar?

スサナ said...

is it garlic?

bikenglish said...

Zarte-san, Susana-san,

Thank you for comments.
"Rakkyo" is an "allium chinense", not a garlic.

How to make "rakkyou-zuke"(pickled "rakkyo") is to soak several "rakkyo"s in vinegar mixed with sugar. And people use red hot chili pepper to make it hot.

I know only this way to eat "rakkyo".

Unknown said...

I love rakkyo! My grandmother used to make pickled onions and give me a jar every year for my birthday. Rakkyo remind me of those pickled onions and therefore of my grandmother. Yum!

bikenglish said...


I have never heard "pickled onion". Thank you for a good information. I will try it someday.