Jun 7, 2009


Last Saturday, I visited my son's high school with my wife and daughter. My son belongs to its wind orchestra band, our main aim was to see its performance in the school festival(文化祭).

The number of band members is about three times as large as one of the junior high school that he used to belong to. So, we enjoyed their performance very well.

A very interesting thing were sold at the festival and we bought it. It is a "saiku-kamaboko"(細工かまぼこ). "Kamaboko" is a processed food made from fish meat. "Saiku-kamaboko" is a decorative "kamaboko", of course, we can eat it.


Zarte said...

That food is so beautiful and elaborated. This is a point that I see very interesting in japanese culture: the exquisite works of Japan.

スサナ said...

looks so beautiful..

bikenglish said...

Zarte-san, Susana-san,

Thank you for comments. Unfortunately, it did not taste as good as I expected.

Palidor said...

I like kamaboko, especially sliced over noodle soup.

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

The kamaboko is lovely , I will keep it and not eat it....LOL