Jun 17, 2009

Today, a portal navigation device has arrived. I ordered it to a shop through the Internet. Its price is about 30,000yen. Recently, we have received "teigaku-kyufu-kin"(定額給付金)(in my translation, "subsidy to each family from the government") that totals 64,000yen , so we have decided to buy it.


Zarte said...

That's a good invent.
On other matters,I would like to make a route in Japan, for two weeks, only by walking an resting in campings. Bikenglish-san, Do you know a possible route? I was thinking in the Shikoku religious route, but, it would be expensive to arrive in Kansai or Narita, and reach Shikoku. What do you think? Thanks.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a comment. I think that the Shikoku religious route is very nice for walking. But as you know, it cost several money to move there.

I recommend a plan to use ancient roads named "kaido"(街道) that developed in Edo era. If you walk along a "kaido", you can find a town named "sykuba-machi" that had a group of accommodations. The ancient roads include "toukaido","nakasendo","koushudou".

Some people have web-sites about "kaido" that have present pictures of the roads. For example, here.

I hope that my suggestion will help your plan.

Zarte said...

Thanks for your answer; it would be a good option. Besides, I have a year -more or less- to plan my route. Thanks again.