Jun 14, 2009

"Haimaya Bridge"2

I have already written a comment about a movie named "Haimaya Bridge". This time, I post a review about it from Asahi Newspaper. It has praised the movie very much.

I try to translate the last part of this comment.

偏見、差別、愛、家族→Prejudice, discrimination, love, family
重くて大きなテーマである。→These are heavy and huge theme.
といって、ここには硬直した感覚はみじんもない。→But, there are no inflexibile sense at all, here.
なによりも、ウルフォーク監督の心優しい視線が心地よい。→ The most remarkable thing is that we can feel comfortable from the warm "eyes" of the director, Woolfolk.

(If you know better expression in English, please tell me about it. )

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