Jun 21, 2009

"Kujyu" and "Yume-oo-tsurihashi"

Last weekend, I went to "Kujyu" with my old friends. "Kujyu" is a very popular place among people who love mountain climbing. I have taken several photos of this mountain area.

We arrived at Tyojabaru vistor center"(長者原ビジターセンター) at about 1pm on Saturday. After a short rest with simple lunch, we started climbing. We walked along a route for about 3hours, it was not hard course because we had still arrived at high level point. We saw several famous places in this area that include "Hokkein-onsen"(法華院温泉),"Sugamori-goya"(スガモリ小屋),"Bouga-tsuru"(坊ガツル). We enjoyed very good mountain view and beautiful green.

Back to mountain foot, and after healing our bodies at an onsen, we had a BBQ dinner outdoor near our member's log cabin where we stayed that day.

Next day, we visited "yume-oo-tsurihashi"(九重夢大吊橋). I found a Taiwanese tour group among a lot of visitors.

The bridge is built above a deep valley. We saw two waterfalls from this bridge. We also enjoyed great natural view there.

After that, we headed toward our home.


Zarte said...

The scene is beautiful. And so green... I also prefer a BBQ more than a sandwich when I visit the country: it tastes good!

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a comment. I like BBQ very much too.