Jul 30, 2007


Now, I feel a little bit tired, because I worked for a temporary work at late night for this election. But, I got several money for this work, Now, I am a temporary rich man. (懐が暖かい)

By the way, if you watched some TV programs about this election in Japan, you might see that winners did "Banzai". "Banzai" is a Japanese unique expression that shows their win, success, configuration, happiness etc. in especially groups. Its three times repeats is called "Banzai san-syou"(万歳三唱). You can see it in several scenes like athletic meets, weddings and parties. I am not sure, but probably, there is a same expression in Korea .(or China?) But they pronounce "man-sei!!".

During World War Two, people did "Banzai san-syou" when they sent a soldier to fighting areas.
It is a little bit unpleasant and sad history.

I want to know whether Americans have similar expressions like "Banzai" And I want to see Hillary or Obama doing "Banzai" in November of 2008!!


ジョン said...

I'm not familiar enough with "banzai" to say that they are equivalents, but lot of Americans say "YES!" when they hear very good news. Not sure if it's the same, though.

bikenglish said...


ジョン said...

私もそう思います。しかし、大勢の人がすることなら、なんか思いつきました。「Hip Hip Hooray」という言葉はご存知ですか。これはほとんど同じのような気がするんですが。アメリカではよくされていませんが、みんなが知っているcheerです!

bikenglish said...

"hip hip hooray"は、今ネットで調べたけど、よくわかりませんでした。また、時間をかけて調べてみたいとおもいます。(Youtubeであるかな?)




ジョン said...

「Hip Hip Hooray」についての情報を調べてみたんですが、見つかりませんでした。ごめんなさい。とりあえず、万歳に似ていると言えると思います。


ジョン said...