Jul 14, 2007

A big typhoon attacks Japan

A big typhoon strikes our area "Kyushu", so, today, we cannot go outside home. The weather forecast says the peak of strong wind will be at 6pm in Fukuoka area. This typhoon will go to "Shikoku", "Tuubu" and "Kanto". But now, at 5:30 it is not so terrible than thought.
「大型台風九州直撃へ」"oogata taifu"(a big typhoon)"Kyushu chokugeki e"(direct attack to Kyushu)
「暴風・大雨「7月最強」」"boufu ooame"(strong wind and terrible rain)"hiti-gatsu saikyo"(the biggest in July in history)


ジョン said...

Here in Aichi, we experienced some strong winds and rain, but nothing too severe, fortunately. It was the first typhoon that I've experienced in Japan, though, and it was interesting.

MO said...

I heard that Kagoshima got flooded pretty bad.

I hope you're doing fine!