Aug 2, 2007

Comfort Women

I wanted to describe my opinion about "comfort women " on this blog, so I studied it on the Internet, but I gave up it because it has a lot of complexed problems and it is very difficult for me to explain about it in English.

But a simple question have still remained in my mind. "Why do American lawmakers pick up this issue now, since these happened more than sixty years ago?" "If Americans demand Japanese apology about this problem, we could demand American apology to native Americans on the wrong doing that the first immigrant did to them 400 years ago."

Almost Japanese people do not know what has happened in Washington D.C.


MO said...

When France opposed the American invasion of Iraq, many people in America called France a bunch of ingrates because "we liberated them from Hitler."

I couldn't understand that one either.

I was born and raised in America, but they don't make much sense to me sometimes.

The comfort women issue is another one of these times.

But I think that Americans like to see things as being very black and white. They don't like shades of grey very much.

They also like to stick their nose in everybody else's business.

But there's some history as to why Americans are the way they are, so just like the comfort women issue, it's quite complicated.

bikenglish said...

Mikwa-ossan san, thank you for your comment to my poor opinion by English.

Off cource, I did not mean that I dislike each of Americans. We are very affecetd by American culture, and I love it very much. But, again, I cannot understand acitivities of some groups of Americans.

I think that we have to learn more about happenings in the past and never have to do wrong-doing again, because we have a very smart ability to look back our history.

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Anonymous said...

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