Jul 24, 2007

"Sugawara Michiko"


Last Saturday, I watched a TV program named " Juken no kamisama"(the God of examination). When I heard the name of heroin, Sugawara Michiko, I laughed a little bit. Because the heroin is named after "Sugawara no Michzane" who is known as the God of Study ("gakumon no kamisama"). Most of Japanese know "Sugawara no Michzane" and go to a shrine that honors him to pray for their success in their examinations.
"Sugawara Michiko"=「菅原道子」
"Sugawara no Micizane"=「菅原道真」

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ジョン said...

Interesting. I've not heard of this god before and it'd probably be useful to remember this name too. Thanks.