Jul 7, 2007

"Tanbo July7"

This "tanbo (a rice field)"is located on the southern side of my house. Of course , it is not mine, belongs to a farmer who lives neighborhood.
In this photo, you can find a junior high school where my son goes.
It does not rain, but it is cloudy and the air has a lot of humidity.


Aston Martin said...

Hello Shinji-san!

Your blog is a great idea! I will be looking forward to all the pictures of the Japanese scenery.

Anyways, I hope you managed to receive the voicemail that I sent you before I left Japan. I tried to call you a few times, but could not get you.

Sometime next month, I will try to set up a website about my trip in Japan, so when it is done I will let you know again.

In the meantime, please take care and I look forward to more posts on your blog!


bikenglish said...

Hi, Aston Martin san!

Thank you for your comment for my first blog. Of course, I heard your voicemails. I am sorry that I could respond your call at that time. I did not attach my cellphone with myself so I did not find out these calls.

I really enjoyed your blog, so I am looking forward to seeing your new website about your trip in Japan.

Best regards.