Jul 21, 2007

"Rajio Taisou"

In this summer, I have to supervise "Rajio Taisou" event in my area. Almost all Japanese know it, and can exercise it. Because we, almost Japanese, people learned it during elementary school for six years. Do you know it?


ジョン said...

Hmmm. I've never heard of it at all, but now that I think about it, I've probably seen some school kids doing it as I pass by schools. I never knew there was some sort of set curriculum like that.

Anonymous said...

Yes I´ve seen twice in a film or in a tv-show but I thought it was for people who arrived late to their lessons. In my country we use to sing every morning. The hymn of the school and a song dedicated to someone (depending on the date).
Sorry for arriving here without invitation.

bikenglish said...

To Idoia Farooksh san

Thank you for a comment. I want to know where you live.

Anonymous said...

Iie doitashimashite. I live in the North of Spain, in a small area called Navarra-Basque Country. In the city of Pamplona.

I really like your blog. I have found it very interesting as I can also learn some words like "mozu".

bikenglish said...

To Idoia san

I am very glad to receive your comment because you live where is far frome my area.

I will continue writing about events in Japan, please visit my blog aggain.

Anonymous said...

Than you very much for inviting me to visit your blog. I´m sure I will do it again.

Feel free to visit mine too if you want. It´s not as interesting as yours but maybe you will find a pair of photos of my city.

As I have said thank you very much for your kindness.