Jul 27, 2007

"Tobata chochin yamagasa"

"Tobata oo yamagasa"(Tobata chochin yamagasa) festival is being held in Tobata ward in Kitakyushu city from today to Sunday(Now, I am working there). In Fukuoka prefecture, "Hakata yamagasa" is very famous, but "Tobata oo yamagasa" is also very amazing, I think. It uses a lot of "chochin" in the night, so it looks very fantastic. If you have a chance to visit the nothern part of Kyushu in this season, I recommend you to see it. But, unfortunately, I cannot see this festival at this time because I have to do a temporary work for this election on Saturday and Sunday.
"Tobata oo yamagasa"=「戸畑大山笠」
"Tobata chohine yamagasa"=「戸畑提灯山笠」
"Hakata yamagasa"=「博多山笠」

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