Oct 21, 2007


This season, I enjoy "Cosmos"(コスモス「秋桜」) along my home course during weekend bike ride.

Here is a road for walking and biking along Ongagawa-river(遠賀川). I ride my bike at least one hour every weekend using mainly this course.

When I hear the name of "Cosmos", I rememeber "Yamaguchi Momoe"s this song. This song is a message from a women who is spending a day with her mother before her wedding.


ジョン said...

I like Momoe Yamaguchi's music, though I haven't heard too much of it. Also, I think it's great that you ride your bike so much. It's good exercise.

ところで、「who is spending a day before wedding to her mother」と言えば「お母さんと結婚する前に日を過ごす」みたいな意味になってしまうので、多分「a woman who is spending a day with her mother before her wedding」というのがBikenglishさんの言いたいに近いだろうと思いますが、どうですか。

bikenglish said...

ジョナサン さんへ



私が言いたかったのは、「この曲は、結婚を控えた娘の、母親への感謝の気持ちを表現している。」とことだったのですが、英語で、いい表現が浮かばす、"apend a day"なんかを使ったので、おかしくなったようです。いい英語の表現があったら教えてください。

ジョン said...


This song is about a woman [who is] expressing her gratitude to her mother as her wedding draws close.


bikenglish said...

To Jonathan san

Thank you for good translation.