Oct 8, 2007

"Beto-chan" died

"Beto-chan" died on October 6.

For almost Japanese(about more than 40-years-old), "Beto-chan, Doku-chan" might be well-known Vietnamese. They were born in Vietnam in 1981 as conjoined twin brothers. It was said that the residual effects of weed killer used by the American forces made them abnormal bodies.

In the nineteen eighties, the movement to support them had occured in Japan. They visited to Japan to receive several medical treatments. And they was operated to divide their body under the supports of the Japanese Red Cross into two in Ho chiming-city, Vietnam in 1988. The operation was successful, but the consciousness of Beto-chan had not returned.

P.S. I heve learend that posting a newspaper archive without author's consents may touch copyright problem. So I deleted the photo of archive. Instead, I post a head-line that I wrote by a "Fude-pen".


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ジョン said...

Since you are often so kind as to help me with my Japanese on my blog, I would like to do the same for you. I hope that you don't mind, as I just wish to help you as you've helped me.

I think you wrote an excellent blog entry here. (In fact, I didn't know about the twins. It's unfortunately that Doku-chan lost his brother like that.) Here's an example of how an American (e.g., me) might write this:

Most Japanese people (at least, those over 40 years old) are probably familiar with the well-known Vietnamese brothers "Beto-chan" and "Doku-chan." They are conjoined twins born in Vietnam in 1981. It has been said that their condition (「abnormal bodies」より丁寧な言い方) is due to the residual effects of weed killer used by American forces [in the past]. (時にこの部分はとてもよくできたと思います!)

During the 1980s, there was movement in Japan to support them and, as a result, they were able to visit Japan to receive several medical treatments. In 1988, under the support of the Japanese Red Cross, they undertook surgery in Ho chiming-city, Vietnam to separate their bodies (二人ですから体も二つあるとアメリカでみなされます). The operation was successful, but Beto-chan never returned to consciousness.

I think you wrote a fine entry, and I hope that the above version that I wrote might be useful to you!

bikenglish said...

To Jonathan san!

Thank you for correcting my English sentence. I am very glad to receive your advice.

My English is now "developping", yet not good enough.

I will try to memorize your version.

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I'm glad to help. I have the same feeling about my Japanese: developing, but not yet good enough! お互いに頑張りましょう!