Oct 23, 2007

"Five separated socks"

Yesterday, I bought a pair of "five separated socks". I like these socks, so I wear them everyday.

Now, in Japan, the popularity of "five separated socks" has been increasing (at least, I think so). These socks are very suitable for Japanese weather because the air has a lot of humidity.

Once a person has learned their comfortableness, he/she can't help stopping to wear them, I think.

I have heard that a well known Japanese musician "Sakamoto Ryuich" said he wears them for his health.

If you have never worn them, I recommend you to try them.


Anonymous said...

well, i'm gladly surprised by the first article i read in your blog :) i don't know though if i can find this kind of socks in paris OO i'll try i'll try...
solitary hebi

ジョン said...

I like the way these socks look and definitely want to try some out when I get a chance. They look pretty comfy. (←「Comfortable」の砕けた言い方です。強いていえばちょっと女っぽいかもしれませんけど。)

bikenglish said...

To solitary hebi san,

Thank you for adding comment on my blog from France. I will post at least one new archive every week. Please continue to visit on my blog.

I will show another scene about "five separated socks" in recent days.

To Jonathan san,

You can find these socks at a shop that sells special clothes for outdoor work(作業服専門店).
I found a such shop named "サンワ岡崎店" in Okazaki on the Internet. It might sell these socks at comperatively low price, about 1000yen for four set. And you can find it at UNIQLO. It sells them 1000yen for 3sets.

It might be a good souvenir for your friends living in the USA, I think.

BTW, I used a word "five separated socks" to call them. But, I wonder I should call them "five fingers socks". I don't know. Please let me know good expression for them.

ジョン said...

Thank you for the recommendations! I should definitely get a pair or three!

I think that these are called "five-toe socks" in America. At least, that seems to be what most people call them.

bikenglish said...

To Jonathan san

Thank you for good English.

I would like to hear your impression about "five-toe socks".

Ed said...

5 hole socks! What will they think of next? 10 hole? Hhaha, just kidding.

I love these socks. I had a girl friend about 3 years ago that would tell me how great these socks are and that I should try them.

Here in Canada I could only find on colour, and it was rainbow strips!!! Whilst this might be nice or a woman at work my boss would be mad at me I think!

If I every find a pair in black to match my suit, I will be buying them and letting my little toes live in pure joy.

Talk to you soon


Krimson said...

I've never saw such socks before =)) Even in shops. Though here in Moscow we have a lot of traders from Asia in our markets (China, Vietnam...) Maybe they haven't copied them yet=) However, I'd like to try such socks too=)

bikenglish said...

To krimson san

I recommend you to try them. Once you put them on your legs, they will give a very comfortable feeling to you.

Anonymous said...


一応 ご挨拶・・・

5本指ソックスは 子供たちも使用しています
なんていうか 指が動いて気持ち良いものです


これを機会に 勉強してみようかな♪

ぺこ <(_ _)>