Dec 31, 2011

VOA Special English News 81

Japan has agreed to help support Indian's money, the rupee. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda agreed to an exchange of 15 billion dollars of currency with India during a visit to New Delhi on Wednesday. Indian money has been losing its exchange value recently. Mr. Noda and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also spoke about increasing trade between the two countries. Trade between India and Japan reached about 14 billion dollars this year.

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My thought/opinion on this issue
I have learned that PM Noda visited India from this program. Now, his party are facing serious problem that several politicians have left the Japanese Democratic Party in opposition to a plan to rise rate of consumer tax in the future.

Asahi says that two countries have confirmed that they make an effort to agree to corporate on a development of nuclear power. But, I cannot agree this Japan's policy because I think that Japan should consider all policies on the use of nuclear power after Fukushima. 


ジョン said...

--> losing
Many Americans make this same mistake.

between two countries
--> between the two countries

While I'm not necessarily against nuclear power, I do agree that Japan needs to very carefully reexamine its position regarding it and work diligently to avoid the glaring oversights that led to 2011's tragedy.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a comment.

Dealing with nuclear power is a very complicated problem. Japan's industry needs a lot of electric power, so Japan cannot easily quit nuclear power generation.

kinokage (木の陰) said...

"support Indian's money" ==> "support India's money"

corporate ==> cooperate ("co- + operate", together + to work)

Probably "consider" ==> "reconsider" (?)

エネルギーは難しい質問ですね。As the global need for power grows, we all need to reconsider our energy policy and come up with some sort of sustainable plan. Let's hope we can do it in time!