Dec 4, 2011

VOA Special English News 76

Arms control experts are disputing a study that claims China may have many more nuclear weapons than officials estimate. A professor of Georgetown University and his students say China could have up to 3,000 nuclear warheads hidden in underground passways. The official estimate is that there are only 250. Professor Philip Kerber's report has started a dispute among experts on China's nuclear weapons. The professor is a former official at the American Defense Department. He has not answered calls from VOA. Gregory Kulacki, a researcher at the Union of Concerned Scientists told VOA the group's research methods are irresponsible, incompetent and lazy. The student used military magazines and Internet sources such as blogs and satellite images in their research.


My opinion/thought on this issue
I do not believe what the report claims, either. But very limited people know the accurate number of China's nuclear weapons, I think.

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ジョン said...

pass ways
--> passways

they are only 250
--> there are only 250
(Likely a typo, I think.)

among expert's
--> among experts

at American
--> at the American

has not answered call
--> has not answered calls

at Union
--> at the Union

research message are irresponsible
--> research methods are irresponsible

That method does sound like irresponsible.

I also learned that nuclear warheads are counted with 発. That's pretty interesting. Thank you.