Dec 30, 2011


I have finished reading a book written by "Genyu Soukyu"(玄侑宗久) who is a Buddhist priest in Fukushima and a winner of the Akutagawa prize(芥川賞). The title of the book is "Fukushima ni ikiru"(福島に生きる).

He writes about the difficult situation that people in Fukushima have faced. He also writes about his decision to fight it with them.

 I have again recognized that we are facing at a very difficult problem. We have never experienced it in the past.

He says in the book that he has started a foundation that has supported people who have been in bad situation. The foundation's name is "Tamakiawaru-Fukushima-Kikin."(たまきはる福島基金).

I donated a little money to it, and I will do it again when I have surplus money.

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