Dec 18, 2011

My favorite time

I stop in at a cafe named "Tsujiri"(辻利)once or two times a week to listen to VOA Special English programs recorded in my IC recorder after working.. It is only about 20 minutes, but I am not bothered by anything, enjoying good foods there, so it is my favorite time.

Tsujiri serves "matcha"(抹茶) and "matcha dessert" like green tea ice cream.

Last Friday, I ordered "kuro-mame-warabi" and "sencha" set(黒豆わらびと煎茶セット). "Warabi"(わらび or わらび餅) was not too sweet, very delicious. 


ジョン said...

It sounds like it's a very nice place to sit and study English, especially on the way home from work. I wish I had a place like that nearby.

I really admire your dedication.

Elegba The Red Dog said...

Hi, I think you contacted me a long time ago, maybe in response to my old blog. Since then, I've been following yours from time to time. Please tell me what is VOA? Can I get it for Japanese programmes? I'm learning Japanese. Thanks.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a comment.

Elega the Red Dog-san,

Thank you for asking about VOA.

VOA is an abbreviation of Voice of America that is a short-wave radio program made by the USA. And its Special English program is spoken in easy English for non-native English speakers, so I listen to it for my study. But unfortunately, it does not serve Japanese language program.