Nov 30, 2011

VOA Special English News 75

Pakistan is rejecting reports that it caused NATO forces to launch air strikes into Pakistan on Sunday. Afghan officials reported Sunday that NATO and Afghan forces were attacked along the Pakistani border from a base in Pakistan. NATO answered the attack with air strikes that killed at least 24 Pakistani soldiers. On Monday, Pakistani General Athar Abbas said Pakistani forces began firing only after the soldiers were killed. He said NATO and Afghan officials were not telling truth about what happened.


My thought/opinion on this issue
The relationship between Pakistan and the US (or the West) has been getting worse. I am not familiar with this problem. But I hope that the situation would become calm.


ジョン said...

Looks like another perfect job! You're on a roll recently. Very nice.

ホアキン said...

It seems that it's impossible to reach a global peace... :-( when one war finishes, another one begins elsewhere... this remind me of a pretty good movie I watched some time ago titled "Lord of War" お勧めです:-)

bikenglish said...


Thank you. I am glad to get your praise.


Thank you for good information. I would like to see the movie if I have a chance. I think that one of important things that lead many conflicts involves the existence of arms dealers. I hate them and politicians supported by them.