Aug 27, 2008


We left for "Ureshino-onsen" at about eleven o'clock on August 24. We used the express high way and had a short rest at "Kiyama"(基山) service area for having a lunch.

We visited the "Yutoku-Inari-jinjya"(祐徳稲荷神社) before we arrived at this day's accommodation. It is locally, a famous place and one of three big "Inari"s (三大稲荷). But there were less visitors than we expected.

The accommodation that we stayed locates in the middle of mountain area. We could feel good natural circumstance. After using a "Roten-buro"(露天風呂) that is place outside, we had a good dinner and used other bath again, and went to bed. (Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of dinner's dishes.)

Next day's morning, I wake up earlier and rode my bike around there for about an hour. I found a nice view of water-fall in my way. (Later, I took my family to this place to see it.)

The breakfast was buffet style so called "baikingu"(バイキング) in Japanese. So, I ate too much than normal.

We left the hotel at about twelve o'clock. And we ate "Gyouza"(餃子) as lunch in the city of "Takeo"(武雄) before we returned home.



スサナ said...

I miss Gyouza, hope to eat it soon!.^_^

ジョン said...

It sounds like you had a nice trip. It's good that you take your bike, too.

I'm going to look at the photos now.

Anonymous said...

Some really beautiful photos you got there, Japan is truly a very beautiful country.

Unknown said...

Those pictures are great !
I fall in love with onsen during my last trip in Japan, I hope I ll be able to go to such a nice place again
It reminds me I went to an Hakone Ryokan with onsen, it was splendid too !

Thanks again for the pictures ;)

bikenglish said...

Thank you for the compliment, everyone. I will take good photos and show them on the blog when I go sightseeing next time in the future.