Aug 19, 2008

Ponyo on the cliff

"Ponyo on the cliff"(崖の上のポニョ) is now showing in Japan. It is directed by a very famous director, Miyazaki Hayao(宮崎 駿). I had been interested in it. If I would hear a good evaluation about it from someone who saw it, I would plan to see it.

My wife and daughter went to see the movie on August 6. But, unfortunately, it betrayed my wife's expectation. I decided not to go to a movie theater for it. (But, I will see it on a television program in a few years.)

My wife says that the movie has left uncomfortable, unstable feeling in her mind.

But, I like this song very much. It has a lot of imitative words.


ジョン said...

Wow, it sounds a lot like your wife really disliked this movie. I had heard about it, but the song is cute.

bikenglish said...



ジョン said...


ところで、「なんかとても後味が悪い映画」を英語にすると、「It was a movie that left a bad taste in my mouth」となります。

例文: Bill said that his date with Pamela left a bad taste in his mouth.