Sep 4, 2008

"Jibun" means you!?

Generally, "Jibun"(自分) means myself in Japanese. But, it locally is used in very different meanings.

Some days ago, I watched a TV commercial on a canned coffee stared by "Fukuyama Masaharu"(福山雅治)who is a very popular actor and singer. In this commercial program, a young man says that "「自分は不器用ですね」" to him. (However, I am not sure what he said, but, it sounds like that to me. )

Surprisingly, in Kansai(関西) area (Kyouto, Osaka, Koube), "Jibun" means occasionally "you". It is very confused thing, but is fact. And, it is very curious to people in other area.


ジョン said...

That certain is interesting. And good to know if I ever visit those areas. Thanks for the tip.

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