Aug 12, 2008


"Ogu-Shio"(オグシオ) is the nick name of the Japanese women's badminton doubles team. Their families names are "Ogura Kumiko"(小椋 久美子) and "Shiota Reiko"(潮田 玲子). They are very popular top athletes because of their good looks.

Sunday's evening, I watched their game on the Olympic game television program. They defeated the Denmark team, but their victory did not seem complete. During the game, I felt Ogura's waist had something strange. A little bit later, I found out that she wore a corset on her waist under her uniform because of her waist pain. And later I knew that she had this problem since this July.

Many top athletes have similar problems and they think they have to manage to do deal with this problem. But, I have had a doubt about it. Because they have a plenty of time after they retire from their athlete life. If they have something bad in their body, they have to deal with this problem all of their rest of life.

Almost all people have recognized the worth of sports. But, all top athletes have these problem and we should more consider about them, I think.


Unknown said...

I totaly agree with you, even a minor pain can change itself in a major problem during competition.
It can become a flaw which means the end of the athlete career.
If the athlete just rest enough time to heal they can go back to top level instead of having to bear this pain the rest of their long (if not doped) life ^^

Anonymous said...

I completely agree but I suppose that when you are on the top (Olympic Games) you only care about all the effort you have made for 4 years.
I don´t know if you saw the spanish sportwoman Araceli Navarro during one combat. Her shoulder goes out, but she only cares about competition and in the video we can see her saying: Hurry up, hurry up, put my shoulder into again. Come on, I want to continue. But the doctor finally denies. I really feel sad for her.
here is the link:

bikenglish said...

[to william-san, farooksh-san]

Thank you for posting your opinion. Yes, it is very complex problem that many top athletes make efforts for their success wiht some troubles on their bodies.

Now, the life expectancy of the Japanese is about 80-years-old. So, it is about 50 years after they retire from athlete life. It is a very long time, I think.