Aug 2, 2008


It is said that Japanese language has a lot of imitative words. Yesterday, I found a good example that explains this issue in a newspaper "朝日新聞"(Asahi-sinbun).

谷川 俊太郎(tanigawa shuntarou) is a famous, living poet. This poet sounds good for native speakers=Japanese because it is written in a kind of pattern called "七五調"(shiti-go-tyou). If you know pronunciations of "ひらがな"(hiragana), I recommend you to read this poet aloud.

I do not mind itscopyright problem on quoting this poet because I show where I take it from. If I am wrong on this issue, please tell me about it.


Anonymous said...

I had fun pronouncing that, thanks for the post.

I was wondering about your question about copyright since i like to post a lot of stuff aswell. No idea how its like in japan but i hope this will be of some help..

ジョン said...

Well. That was interesting to read. :-)