Aug 9, 2008


Today, Nagasaki atomic Bomb memorial ceremony was held in the city. But, many people in Japan are more interested in the Olympic game in Beijing than it, I feel. Japan is a very peaceful country, I think.

In fact, Japan had invaded other Asian countries in the 1930-40, and still now Japan has been criticized on this issue. But, in the other side, Japan is the only "被爆国"(hibakukoku) that means a country is attacked by using an atomic bomb. I think that Japan should more appeal this position in the international stage.


Anonymous said...

Every country has done something horrible in its history, but
Japan did not deserve to be bombed like that. When i was living in Australia i still remember making all those cranes in Japanese classes for remembrance.
Truly a sad part of history

スサナ said...

I think Peace museum in Hiroshima is great, I truly recommend to visit it to get a better knowledge about what happened there.

Anonymous said...

We can´t judge the past with the ideas we have today in mind but with the concepts and the ways they were living at the moment. The best thing is learn from them and not repeat the war, the pain and the sadness.
I am sure that Hiroshima and Nagasaki are cities with a sad past and Japan has this pain for that. Nobody deserves a nuclear bomb. Thats a pitty! Maybe Japan has become a more peaceful country for that.
I would like to learn more from that issue in Japan.

Unknown said...

I also recommend you to visit the Hiroshima's Peace Museum.
Actually I went there a day it was raining, I think it was perfect for the mood because I felt really great pain about this whole history, even thought I already knew about it.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki's histories are what we should never see again on Earth.

bikenglish said...

[to all members]
Thank you for your good opinions about this issue.

What I want to say on this problem is that Japan is in very unique and special position about A-bomb or nuclear weapons, so Japan can and have to play a special part in the international nuclear problem. For example, if Japanese government were given a part to negotiate with Iran about nuclear problem, it might do well as a nutral country, I think. I have heard that Middle Eastern countries have recognized that Japan is very defferent from the Westerner's countries.(But now it might not be fact.)

But, unfortunately it does not seem that Japan or Japanese government plays a good part in this issue, I think.

bikenglish said...
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